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start up loan application processIf you have been refused bank funding, you may then be eligible to receive a Start Up Loan through ENI. We make the process as straightforward as possible. Here is an overview of our application process:

  • Check Criteria and Request an Application Form

If you have checked that you satisfy all of the criteria which are stipulated, you can then apply for a start up loan through ENI. You can complete the contact form under the ‘Request an Application’ button on the homepage and once this has been received by the ENI team, an application form will be mailed out to you for completion. Alternatively you can call us by telephone on 028 7776 3555 to request an application and we will send you the application form.

  • Send Completed Form and Supporting Documents to Us

You will be asked to send your completed application form along with your business plan, financial forecasts and other supporting documentation to us. Once this has been received, the team here will check the required documentation, carry out a credit check and make an assessment of the loan application.

  • Await Loan Approval

A decision is then made to offer or decline the loan for your start up business in Northern Ireland, based on your satisfaction of the criteria and suitability. A bad credit rating will not necessarily lead to a refusal of the loan, but an assessment will be made taking into account the ability to be able to pay back the loan.

  • What Happens Once You Are Approved?

If you are successfully granted a start up loan through ENI, a letter with an offer will be sent outto you. You must choose whether or not you wish to accept the loan offer and draw upon the funds offered to you. Repayments are made by direct debit and the money is deducted around the 17th of each calendar month. You will be asked to provide invoices and receipts for purchases made with the loan money to prove that it is being spent on the business in the way that it is intended – to help with the start up costs of your new business.

  • Ready to Jump-start Your Business?

Starting a business in Northern Ireland and need finance? Then a start up loan through ENI could be perfect for you.

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