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Benefits of ENI Loans for Your Small Business in the Belfast Area

  • Posted in: News
  • On: April 22, 2015

Imagine this scenario…

benefits of eni loansIt’s Monday morning once more and you’re dreading getting out of bed and going back to work. Your job has reached a dead end and you’ve learned as much as you can there. You want more freedom. You want to do work that lights you up and has you jumping out of bed each morning, excited to take on the day.

One night, you dream of your escape—of how it would be to run your own business; to be the boss and completely in charge of your time and your future.

You create an extensive business plan. You consider every possibility of how many staff members you’ll need, how you’ll market your product, what your pricing will be, how you will make sales, turn leads into customers, and customers into long term brand ambassadors, and so on.

You make an appointment with a high street bank about getting a loan. After a lengthy application process you come in for an hour of questions; all for nothing as you hear that dreaded word—“No”.

Your hope of running your own business appears to be over. After all, if the banks won’t lend you the money, then how can you possibly get started?

This is where a start up loan through Enterprise Northern Ireland (ENI) comes in.

A Start Up Loan that is Backed by the Government

If you are thinking about starting up a business or you have set up a business in the last 12 months, then a start up loan through ENI could be just the thing to get you going.

ENI was born out of the economic package which was granted to Northern Ireland by the UK Government to help boost the Northern Irish economy. We are an official delivery partner for this scheme so when you get a loan with us, everything is safe and above board.

A Start Up Loan through ENI is Straightforward

A common business term is “speed of implementation”. How quickly you can take an idea, apply it to your business and start seeing the results, is all very important.

At ENI, we truly understand this. The typical business loan process can be long and arduous. Even if you get accepted, your excitement for your business can ebb away by the time the funding is in place. This is why when you apply to get a loan through ENI, you will know one way or the other if we can give you a loan relatively quickly. The entire process is straightforward.

Mentoring Support

Everyone who is granted a start up loan through ENI receives 15 hours of mentoring support for free through one of our Local Enterprise Agencies, and we have 7 agencies based in Belfast alone with another 24 agencies across Northern Ireland. We want to see you succeed and realise you probably don’t know everything about business you will need to know just yet.

During this critical time when you are just getting started, you can take advantage of this support when you need it. It works around YOU. Your questions, concerns, challenges—that’s what we are here to discuss and guide you through. Research shows that businesses that receive mentoring are more successful.

If you are interested in a start up loan through ENI, call us on 028 7776 3555 or contact us online.

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